Hi, my name is Steve Trang, and I’m a Realtor in Tempe, AZ.  I have been in real estate for many years now.  I joined this wonderful business because I became so impassioned while buying investment properties.  I thoroughly enjoy working with first time home buyers because it is one of the most exciting times of their lives.  I love teaching first time home buyers about the home buying process, the potential pitfalls, and all the steps we need to protect them.  These days, I help many current home owners with their distressed situation.  Unfortunately, a short sale is their best option.  It is in this area that I can help them through the process.  There are many legal and tax ramifications with a short sale, and I look out for the seller’s best interest and educate the seller about the consequences.

I also list foreclosure properties.  It is with this experience that I can best help buyers navigate the adventure of buying a foreclosure property.  There are many  things that a buyer can do that will make or break a deal.  I show how to avoid these mistakes and make sure the offer we write is the one that gets selected.


This site is designed to help you make the most informed decision you can make in buying or selling a home.  I include monthly market analyses, real-time market statistics, 100% transparent MLS search system, and relevant real estate news for you to stay up to date.  With my exclusive MLS property search system, you can rest assured that no properties are kept from you.  It is with these resources that you can feel confident that whatever decision you make is the right decision.  This is the biggest investment you will make, and I have designed this site with your use in mind.